About us


MCV Energy is a subsidiary of MCV (Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles) established in 2009. Our range of products focuses on providing energy efficient solutions with our main concentration in the importation and manufacturing of LED lighting bulbs, tubes, down light, floodlight, panels, highbay, and many more . Our main lines of distribution are the traditional and modern retail market as well as the projects sector such as hotels, resorts, compounds, factories, and hospitals. Starting 2016 MCV-Energy will aim to launch its first line of LED lighting products made in Egypt to satisfy the every growing market demand.

Our Mission

To consistently provide our clients with the latest energy efficient technologies and competitive market prices. From industrial projects to residential homes, we aim to cover all aspects of the LED technology as well as its advancements.

Our Vision

To one day provide a greener solution to all areas of the market, as we strive to always be at the forefront of technology.